Hey you guys!

So I've been working REALLY hard on this book and I want it to go SHA-BANG when I finally launch! I've got an extensive marketing and promotion plan in place for the launch of the sequel of THE HALO OF AMARIS (I'LL TELL YOU THE TITLE AHEAD OF TIME IF YOU SIGN UP MUHAHahahaHAHAhaHAHA) and I'm really friggin' excited about it!

Part of the action plan includes an VIR TEAM (that's right, baby! VIP–Very Important...Reader? Reader.)  that is *fully-committed* to helping out during launch week (BECAUSE I'LL NEED YOUR HELP!–ie, sharing updates on social media, leaving Amazon reviews on a specified date, and sharing via your blog/newsletters, if applicable) - in exchange for (1) a FREE - EARLY EDITION - COPY of the eBook, (2) a look behind the scenes of the book launch (FIRST LOOKS AT THE NEW COVERS and GRAPHICS AND FAN ART! YEAH BABY!, and (3) and FIRST READ the first chapter of "PAPER CRANES", to be released next year!  

Sounds exciting? 
Alright, come be a part of the gang and join the others excited for the book launch! 
Thank you in advance, by the way.  

Form is below!

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