The Em–Dash Culture With Jade

Hiya! I'm Jade! This is for the folks who found me, say Google Search, and not via my main squeeze–by main squeeze I mean my homepage.

I'm going to avoid the corporate-y, brand-y, copy and get right into the meat and potatoes of this. 

This is a monster.

*collective screaming*

Okay, calm down, calm down! By monster I mean it's FREAKISHLY different than anything EVER done! (That's a hyperbole! Ha! Told you I was a writer!) 

Well, there are different paragraphs I could offer you with a a lot of exclamation points and CAPS LOCK but I won’t do that to you. If you are any of the above and you need help with

  • Developing your plot

  • Just want someone to read the darn thing

  • Want to talk you through your writer’s block?

That's where I come in.



Here is the deal. 

I offer a crazy little monstrous mix of light developmental editing + beta reading + idea bouncing Depending on what you need, I can help! I’m your girl! Need someone to give your work a hug, and run it through the "RED EDITOR OF DEATH”–wow that's dramatic.

Let's try...RED BUBBLE TEST. That's better!

The Red Bubble Test is this. 

This is the, believe it or not, SECOND editing pass of my debut novel THE HALO OF AMARIS, where my editor was ripping into my work like a cat does furniture.

Sounds good?

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