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I have been writing, designing, and helping people get their glitter to glissin' for a looooong time.

My dream is to make my mark in the world as vibrant as possible and if you stick along for the ride, we can glow up together. I can do this. YOU can do this. You ready, b? Let's get it. 


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A little bit of a deeper dig than the Beta Reading services but not deep enough to cost you a fortune in developmental editing cost. 

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Manuscript is done, characters are actualized, your setting is a character all on it's own and your plot moves like a oiled up baby seal on a water slid.

You've GOT this...

Almost. That's fine! Let me, another author who UNDERSTANDS, beta your work!



People think writing the book, or launching the blog, or opening a new business is the hard part.

Oh boy, where they wrong. It's hard but it's not as hard as MARKETING your new accomplishments. 

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So here is where I get all my not particularly beholden to one theme off my chest!–YAY FOR CATEGORIES!


--I'm a lot of fun, and you're going to have a hell of a time (PROMISE!) 
--Writing is really all about NOT writing sometimes, and it's good to take a break staring at some Star Trek fanficiton....or something.
--And when it's NOT a break, I'm giving you all I got to give–we are going to get you a solid author platform if it kills me! 
--I'm not the best book reviewer (because OHMYGOD is not a review), so sometimes I have others get their shine on by dropping me one! I'm all for sharing content! If you have a video or a blog post you want me to share, LET ME KNOW! I got you!

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We are writers. Sometimes we DON'T want to read. 

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Here it is! The FULL book trailer for Paper Cranes (Cant Fly But They Will Soar

Creative Director: jadebrieanne

Shot and Edited by: jadebrieanne

Novel by: jadebrieanne 


The Halation Series: 


HALATION BOOK ONE: The Halo of Amaris

Being in the Witness Protection Program is hard enough, even without the sense that your memories aren’t all your own. And when Jin Amaris narrowly avoids death—the third time is, apparently, the charm—she is handed the keys to the mystery of who she was…or is. The real question is whether she’ll unravel that mystery before death catches up with her again.


This is an incredible read. I am in awe of the story, the writing and the characters. The story of Jin, and her unplanned quest to true self discovery is nothing short of amazing. The intriguing tale that crosses lines of human flaw, and angelic understanding schools the reader on life, after life and all the spaces in between. Jade Brieanne has created a world that we as humans only try to understand, or dream about- not having the tools to truly see what it is we may believe, she lets us in on her world and helps us to see in such a creative way. Jin and Aidens' love that literally jumps through realms shows us how love lasts, Shen's understandable insanity creates the perfect villain, one you understand and sometimes feel sorry for, Key (my favorite), Tahir, Rooke turns this fantastical story into a reality you wished you yourself could experience. But, along with all the other characters so intricately described, giving images that the reader doesn't have to work for in order to see, you almost believe that you are- you are experiencing it! Needless to say, I couldn't put the book down. I NEEDED to know what happened at the end of each page. I HAD to know where the story was moving to... I couldn't let any of the characters go...I'm still wondering a million things- that I have to wait to read in book two.

Oh! Oh! and reading about all these beautiful brown people in this book, had me weeeeeeping. I, as a child, loved reading scifi, fantasy, fiction but never saw myself in the book, which is so important when it comes to really diving into a book, loving a book, experiencing the book, getting hooked, becoming a life long reader, I was proud. I felt proud of myself- even though the story ain't about me!

-Author of Waves, Elle D. Koon.


HALATION BOOK TWO: Final Tomorrow COMING 2018 

Jin is alive and locked away in a realm far from home. Aria is alive and playing with fire in a realm far away from the ones she loves. Two women will have to face their own souls, the source of their salvation and figure out how to make sure tomorrow isn’t the final one.



HALATION BOOK THREE: Everything is to be determined.





Desmond knows what catatrophe looks like. His acenstors lived through the Ending War, when fire rained from the sky. His ancestors lived with The Effect, when storms ravaged the land. And now he and his family live through The Reformations, the upheaval of the kingdom they so loved, and the end of the dynasty that saved them.

The are trapped adn forced to live a life of subjucation and fear from their new commander. Desmond doesn't remember what freedom feels like, the skin under the shackles of authoritaism around his wrist are numb. he feels hopeless. Augusta feels hopeless.

That is until the feathers of hope rise from the ashes...

Who do these wings belong to? Why do the flutter of them match the flutter in his heart? 
Why do they want to help?

And can they do it?

I am Jade brieanne...literally. 


I am…Jade Brieanne.

Well, duh.

Let’s start over. Hi, I’m Jade Brieanne and I am very happy to meet you. I am. I like people. You seem cute, too. Anyways. This is me in some fresh new packaging. I’m not new to this game (what that game is I’ll get to in one moment) but as I continue to learn and grow and learn (that’s very important, folks) I feel like it’s necessary to have everything that I stand for grow with me.

So welcome.

Oh, the game! I do a lot. I write, I write, and I write. I also do graphic design, social media community managing, content creation, videography, photography, branding…I’m really like a goody bag of nice tricks.

Being stuck in a 9-5 and trying to do all of these things just…isn’t possible. I’m working on that. 

In the meantime, I’m going to do as many of these things as possible–because that’s where my passion is, that’s where my love is, that’s what I’ve been put on this earth to do. And maybe, just maybe, I can help you out, too. (or you can help ME out because I’m really receptacle to good advice!)

A lot of times we find ourselves stuck in really weird places forgetting what we did (out of sheer desperation and self-preservation) to shimmy our way down into  there in the first place.

We all have talents, and those talents can take us places (oh my god cliché time! What’s your favorite one?)

I want to go places. I AM going to go places. Hell, let’s ALL go places. (Literally, I haven’t traveled in like four months)

Things about me

  • I write a lot of fanfiction: When people say things influence their lives, falling in love with anime and science fiction and fantasy at a very early age influenced mine. I’ve been writing since I was 8, and discovered fanfiction at the tender age of 11. Which means I’ve been writing for over twenty six years–HOLY CRAP! A lot of my stories start off as fanfiction–because I have the absolutely MOST AWESOME fans–and if they love it, it’s probably going to print.
  • I’m socially conscious. Not hotep levels, but I’m pretty aware of what’s going on around me. It shows up in my writing, which I think is absolutely cool. I also align, fellowship, and collaborate with socially conscious people. I try, but I’m not perfect. If I do something that is toxic or harmful, ableist, derogatory, any of the “ism”, check me on it. We can talk. I love talking about how we all can improve as humans.
  • I’m a huge K-Pop/K-Drama fan. I’m so serious about my K-Drama watching schedule. I will yell at you. If you tell me to turn from my SUPER DUPER SHINee playlist because “What are they saying?” I will yell at you.
  • I am the oldest of four, which makes me kind of bossy but not like, obnoxiously bossy, just “I’m the leader” bossy. It usually works out.
  • I ended up living in the one place I swore I would NEVER live–Durham, NC–and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life.
  • I am afraid of snakes, heights, small spaces, and not being able to breathe. I can’t tell you in which order but I damn sure know snakes is high up on that damn list.
  • One of my favorite pastimes (besides working out daily and trying to eat healthy…trying) is learning K-Pop chorography. Since America has ABANDONED boy and girl bands and multiple counts of 8 counts of choreography for flashy two stepping on yachts, I had to find my addiction elsewhere. I found it in Seoul and I’m never leaving.
  • I crawled backwards as a baby OKAY I THINK WE ARE DONE HERE WITH THE RANDOM FACTS.


Things I’m a part of, currently doing, going to do:

I am a member of the seven part superhero team of CONArtist (Consulting Artist) for Bad Arts Consulting, located here in Durham, NC. We are a mixed grab bag of talents but we also try to stay in our lane. My lane so far has been graphic design, social media branding and community managing, videos, and speaking indecently at the wrong damn time.  Here is a picture of us because we are cool.


I also am the Social Media manager for The Vault. If you are ever in Durham, and you don’t hit me up about an event going on in Durham, I will find you and…hug you, I heard you were soft. But no, find me, we do cool things there.

I used to be a part of the Powerpuff Blerd Girls for Outlaw Barz podcast (through FanBros) but remember what I told you about trying to do all the things? Impossible. However, I do guest cast on there from time to time so you should listen. Even if I DIDN’T, you should listen.

I’m not a part of any cool writer groups, or associations or anything HOWEVER I WOULD LIKE TO BE ONE OF THE COOL KIDS INVITE ME TO SPEAK I’M REALLY ENERGETIC. I actually want to guest host on all the things, podcast, blogs, your brother’s bar mitzvah. Give it a chance. I’m sure…I’m sure it’ll be fun.



Q: How did you get started with graphic design?

A: When I was a teenager, personal websites were becoming a thing. Geocities was poppin’ and everyone was developing their own website. For absolutely NO freaking reason. This was pre-blog. This was pre-myspace, and probably pre-blackplanet. Young kids were just coding their hearts away for the hell of it.  I was so intrigued that I did my own (it was cotton candy pink Lil Kim theme with frames (if anybody remembers frames) that had a scroller and a link to my Sailor Moon/ Anime newsletter. Strange. But fun. It just grew from there. When you teach yourself something, it becomes an organic skill that never leaves you.

Q: I know you in real life…who is Jade Brieanne?

A: Jade Brieanne is a hybrid. I’m not going to say she is an alter-ego or anything like that. She is literally me and I am she. I began using the name Jade in 2002 when my then boyfriend at the time decided to battle rap. He had a nickname. I didn’t so spontaneously, I made one up. It was Jade Kinkaid (because it rhymed…DUH). The Kinkaid part was dropped when I joined the #IC (a hip hop forum. And it stuck. Hard. I don’t think some of my friends know my real name. Moving on, when my mom had me, she named me Ashley. Somewhere in her head, she MEANT to name me Brieanne. So, she has been calling me Brieanne ever since I could remember. Put it all together, Jade Brieanne. Pow.

Q: Why did you decide to write?

A: I don’t know. It’s fun? Honestly, it’s just something I do. I have ideas in my head and they need to get out. It’s weird. Growing up, I would see things and go “I would do it this way,” and then write my own story. Mainly because I wanted to be represented IN those stories. It started young with a story about a house eating robot and ME, the star. Things kind of take-off from there. There hasn’t been a time in my life where I WASN’T writing. I’m going to write until I die.

Q: So...K-Pop?

A:Okay, LOOK. No, you know what? Here are 5 songs. If you don’t like them, if you didn’t tap your foot not ONCE, if you didn’t go “daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, he sanging!” just once, then I won’t bring it up every again. IF YOU DID, THO…

Q: Can you read over my manuscript?

A: Loaded question that requires some questions...  

Pop Quiz

  1. Do I know you?

    1. No…
    2. Yeah, we went to HS/college together
    3. You don’t know me but I know you and I love you.
    4. We are all God’s children, we are family…

No matter who you are, it depends on if I am open up submissions to beta read your manuscript. You do know there is a charge unless stated otherwise, right? What genre is your manuscript? I’m a sci-fi, urban fantasy with a twist of romance kind of girl. Other genres I can do, but I may also solicit help from someone who is more comfortable with your genre so that I don’t insert MY voice into it and say try to involve aliens in your Urban Fiction novel about strippers? You feel me? If you’re really interested in my beta-reading your work, go here

Q: Do you edit?

A: I mean…as a writer I have to? It’s a requirement. Am I good at is? No. I’m decent. I’m not the person you want to come to if you have a, let’s say, 100K manuscript and you need a developmental and line editor. I don’t think I know enough grammar rules for that.

Q: Can you make my manuscript good?

A: No. Not one soul on this earth can make your manuscript good (and by that I mean the story itself, plot, characters development) but you. People can look over it, give you advice, gentle reminders and blunt criticism, but at the end of the day, this baby, this love child, this birthing of your very own, is YOURS. You have to make it good. As mentioned before, I’m no (developmental) editor. I’m in the art of trying to make it better by equipping you with some of the things you need, some of the things to avoid, and just to be a good ear for your story and your process. 

Q: What is PAM?

A: PAM is more of a philosophy than an actual technique. Of course I’ll go into it further, but it means “PLOT ALWAYS MOVING”. It’s a way for me (and eventually you) to check if your plot is stalling, if you’ve a scene that needs to be cut or a character that needs to go or DO something to advance the plot. It’s simply, easy to remember, and pretty doggone neat!

Q: This one is so left field but why do you like Anakin so much?

A: Oh, this is going to be entirely too long to answer in one day, in one space. Plus, I tend to get hate mail for my devotion!

Q: Why do you write sci-fi? Why do you write fantasy? Why are there so many LGBTQ people in them when you’re straight? Why are there so many other races in your book when you’re not that race?

A: Whoa. Loaded but necessary. For starters, as mentioned above, my mom gave me a bottle and Star Wars when I was a child. I’m naturally obsessed with the theories in science, the mystique in fantasy and how those worlds intersect with our own. On why I include LGBTQ people? Because they are people with stories to tell. I reach out to the community often, asking probing questions, trying to absorb as much knowledge (respectfully) about it. I also do a lot of research, because I think their stories are underrepresented. I am straight, and at times it does feel like I’m speaking FOR them, but that’s never my intention. I think that love is love, and love stories are necessary in all formats, from all perspectives, especially in other worlds and in space! I’ll get it wrong sometimes (call me out!) but I hope that I’m contributing to a platform that has my undying support. The same with other cultures. The science fiction/fantasy world is SORELY lacking people of color (which never made sense to me). Even on other planets, the crusaders, the heroes, the heroines and leaders are…white (or white passing). It doesn’t accurately represent the world we live in. So I flood it with color and culture because it’s what I want to see, a fair and balance representation of what I see every day. Color.

Q: Favorite meal:

Anything with shrimp in it (even though I’m allergic to shrimp).




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