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Hi! I’m Jade Brieanne, author, social media content consultant and producer, and community manager.

I also teach courses, do graphic design, videography, public speaking, future film maker, podcaster, vlogger…I’m really like a goody bag of nice tricks.


  • I write a lot of fanfiction: When people say things influence their lives, falling in love with anime and science fiction and fantasy at a very early age influenced mine. I’ve been writing since I was 8, and discovered fanfiction at the tender age of 11. Which means I’ve been writing for over twenty six years–HOLY CRAP! A lot of my stories start off as fanfiction–because I have the absolutely MOST AWESOME fans–and if they love it, it’s probably going to print.

  • I’m socially conscious.  If I do something that is toxic or harmful, ableist, derogatory, any of the “ism”, check me on it. We can talk. I love talking about how we all can improve as humans.

  • I am the oldest of four, which makes me kind of bossy but not like, obnoxiously bossy, just “I’m the leader” bossy. It usually works out.

  • One of my favorite pastimes (besides working out daily and trying to eat healthy…trying) is learning K-Pop choreography. Since America has ABANDONED boy and girl bands and multiple counts of 8 counts of choreography for flashy two stepping on yachts, I had to find my addiction elsewhere. I found it in Seoul and I’m never leaving.

  • I crawled backwards as a baby OKAY I THINK WE ARE DONE HERE WITH THE RANDOM FACTS.





DurmTalks with Jesse & Desmera. “Pay Her What You Owe Her: Compensating Black Women For Their Time & Talents."

Beyu Caffe. 7:00 pm. Featuring music by ZenSoFly, author panel with Naima and Jade Brieanne (Halation Series), and the artist & DJ, Gemynii.


Women of Wakanda

Take Notes: A panel discussion series about Blank Panther, the movie featuring Jamila Davenport, Omisade Burney-Scott, Dare Coulter, Kenya Harris and Jade Brieanne. Moderated by Angel Dozier. 

In the first installment of a monthly series called Bed Talks, four speakers – hip-hop artist Professor Toon, Omisade Burney-Scott, writer Jade Brieanne and Carmen Williams – shared stories about physical and emotional intimacy in the age of online dating.