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At the not so tender age of eight, when I should have been immersing myself in the pleasure of learning what nine times something -supply your own number, they are all hard - I was busy hunched over a desk -with its own personal cubby hole because elementary school rocked - writing a story about a child who gets a surprise visit from a house eating robot.

It was also a story, that once discovered by my wonderful teacher forced me to read in front of everybody. That day thwarted my dreams of being a radio DJ or anything where I had to speak in front of people at length but it defined a truth within me - I love to write.

My love for writing only grew from that point and it was ugly. Plot bunnies, little green ones with bucked teeth and wild eyes, attacked me at all times of the day and were relentless at night. It was an army of them, all equipped with fictional characters, situations that could not subsist in the realm of reality, and worlds that existed solely with the power of my fourth cup of coffee.

These plot bunnies -who get prettier every year - and I have called an armistice. We try to cultivate together rather than them trying to rip ideas out through my pores. It's quite amicable and it only took twenty two years.

My name is Jade Brieanne. I am thirty years old with the wild imagination of a sugar addled twelve year old. I am from Fayetteville, North Carolina -don't ask me where I live now, I like to wander - and I am the eldest daughter of four. I drive a rinky dink Honda Civic that groans when I turn the wheel too hard and I am addicted to anime, manga, K-dramas and KPop. Music really.

And I'm a writer.


HALATION BOOK ONE: The Halo of Amaris

Being in the Witness Protection Program is hard enough, even without the sense that your memories aren’t all your own. And when Jin Amaris narrowly avoids death—the third time is, apparently, the charm—she is handed the keys to the mystery of who she was…or is. The real question is whether she’ll unravel that mystery before death catches up with her again.




This is an incredible read. I am in awe of the story, the writing and the characters. The story of Jin, and her unplanned quest to true self-discovery is nothing short of amazing. The intriguing tale that crosses lines of human flaw, and angelic understanding schools the reader on life, after life and all the spaces in between. Jade Brieanne has created a world that we as humans only try to understand, or dream about- not having the tools to truly see what it is we may believe, she lets us in on her world and helps us to see in such a creative way.–Elle D. Koon, Author of gravity, Waves and The Docks

This is what writing needs to get back to. Never a dull moment throughout and it definitely keeps you turning the page. Stylistically outstanding and well beyond just "good", this story take you on a complete narrative and imaginative journey and by the end, the only thing that is needed is...another book to continue this spectacular story. BRAVO!MissK

Movie material! I was had a hard time returning to work while reading this. I started on my lunch break and wanted to leave early to rush home to finish it. I can see this being turned into a movie. The main character is brought to life by the amazing writing style of this author. Please, give us more!!!–BOOK LOVE

Awesome storyline. I honestly couldn't put the book down.–Leo M.

The Halo of Amaris: A Charming Mystery- Black Girl




They say three is the number of completion and as Jin Amaris’s third keystone lies discarded, broken and useless, those who have been tasked to save her know that she, as she is, has been lost to them.

It isn’t an anomaly, it isn’t a mistake. She was meant to die.

Yet, that isn’t the whole story, is it? There are answers a realm that is slave to purpose must provide. There is a woman with a plan that must be executed. There is a war that is looming. And there is a price to pay, for everything, for nothing.

There is a price to pay and it will be paid in blood.


HALATION BOOK THREE: Everything is to be determined.




PAPER CRANES: Coming 2019


Desmond knows what catatrophe looks like. His acenstors lived through the Ending War, when fire rained from the sky. His ancestors lived with The Effect, when storms ravaged the land. And now he and his family live through The Reformations, the upheaval of the kingdom they so loved, and the end of the dynasty that saved them.

The are trapped adn forced to live a life of subjucation and fear from their new commander. Desmond doesn't remember what freedom feels like, the skin under the shackles of authoritaism around his wrist are numb. he feels hopeless. Augusta feels hopeless.

That is until the feathers of hope rise from the ashes...

Who do these wings belong to? Why do the flutter of them match the flutter in his heart? 
Why do they want to help?

And can they do it?

Here it is! The FULL book trailer for Paper Cranes (Cant Fly But They Will Soar

Creative Director: jadebrieanne

Shot and Edited by: jadebrieanne

Novel by: jadebrieanne