Everyday Resources

Serenity Guide

The Ultimate Wind Noise Generator Guide - Absolutely love this website! It's perfect when you just want to zone out and brainstorm, plot, research or write. I reproduces sounds such as wind in a barn (my personal fave), rain and brown, pink, and white noise!

Freedom App – Blocks the internet from most browsing applications so you can CONCENTRATE!

Inspirational wallpapers  -When just need that extra boost in morale, in wallpaper format.


Writing Resources

Adverbless See just how many adverbs you’re using. Helps to see if you’re sprinkling them when necessary or slathering on the adverb gravy! 

Tip of My Tongue - Got a word on the tip of your tongue but can’t figure it out? Tada! Tip of my tongue!

Literary Devices refers to the typical structures used by writers in their works to convey his or her messages in a simple manner to the readers.  When employed properly, the different literary devices help readers to appreciate, interpret and analyze a literary work. Below is a list of literary devices with detailed definition and examples. JUST CLICK ON IT. IT'S A SMORGASBORD. 

Grammar Girl - Oh trust me, you’ll need her.

Autocrit – Not a free service (30 bucks a month, yikes! A step away from living as a cheap author!) but it help you find any weak works you’re using and suggests new ones.

Scrivener is more than a word processor. It’s also a project management tool for writers. Worth the money (40.00 for the software)

Hemmingway is another desktop editor that highlights problem areas in a bright bold colors to help you spot them easier.

Write or Die - This is freaking ridiculous but I mean it works LMAO I can’t explain it, just click the link.


Marketing Resources

Amazon Products Visualization (YASIV)– Getting your book scene is a BIG part of having a successful launch and everything that comes afterwards. Yasiv helps you visualize data from imilar items based on "Customers who bought this also bought. Plus it's really freaking cool to look at. Just for fun. Like just plug in a book.-

20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites -  I mean you can't go wrong here! 

The Creative Penn - a blog post on how to use K-lytics, a niche data compile site.  

The Traffic Generator Cafe- Lots of good advice on how to generate traffic to your site and or Amazon/B&N book page


Design Resources

The Book Cover Archive- An archive of book covers to draw inspiration if you’re doing your own or want to guide your artist in a particular direction.

Envato Marketplace - A template website that offers everything from website templates, to stock photos, to sound and video. Trust me, if you want to do things cheaply but QUALITY-LY, then Envato (and a little Adobe know-how) is the place to be. 

120+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media - This is the spot if you're a Do It Yourself Author such as myself. Creative Commons is the media you use when you DON'T want to be sued. 

PSDTuts - Another Envato venture. The book cover to my debut novel was originally designed by me and I did it all follow a TUT on PSDTuts. LIFE SAVER!


Publishing Resources

Agent Query - a INSANELY large database of literary agents and publishing houses. If you set up an account, you can track your submissions.

QueryTracker-  Like AgentQuery, QueryTracker is another agent/publisher database where you can set up an account and track your submission. It’s what I personally used to find my publisher for the Halation series.

Query Shark – If you know what a query letter is, you know that it has to be SUPER AWESOME to attract the likes of an agent or publisher. On QueryShark, Janet Reid accepts query letters, and RIPS them apart, all in hopes of creating a better one.



Social Media and Content Creation

Hootsuite -  A social media lifesaver. Hootsuite allows you to compile multiple feeds across your social media platforms, as well as schedule and post updates. You can also get analytics directly from the dashboard.

Planoly - Like Hootsuite, this one lets you plan social media post in advance, except for it’s manufactured JUST for IG (a component that HS has but doesn’t require double posting—which will make sense when you get HS and try to schedule an IG post)

Trello - a project management tool that I use to set up major campaigns. It’s simplier than MS Project and a lot better than a wall of sticky notes. Plus they let you use pretty colors to label your cards!

How to Commit to blogging on a regular basis – A blog post from Quirktastic.co -

Canva – Need to put together a quick graphic for a  SM post? Look no further. They have templates and images you can use FOR THE FREE.


Vloggers Resources

TubeBuddy – a way to optimize your YT site without all the hassle. Monthly subscription.

Tubular Insights (ReelSEO) – A VERY informative YouTube series from Mark Robertson that focuses on YouTube Creator best practices.