Video is TAKING over!

More often than not, if you ever take a glance at your engagement numbers, what’s the heavy hitter?


It says something about this brilliant, on the move, on the go culture of ours. People love to SEE things.

And what’s so FANTASTIC is, it’s so versatile. The possibilities are endless! But it can also be so very scary, complicated, and complex! Then there is equipment, and lights, and editing! It’s too much!

Never fear. That is why EmDash is here!

We are creatives but we are also business owners so we know that it is so much more than getting in front of a camera. You need content that sells, that converts, that shines. We have over 5 years experience in videography, Premier Pro and Adobe AE, but over 17 years in graphic design, to not only capture the moment, but to make sure it SHINES!

We’ve worked with business owners, non-profits, influences, music festivals, YouTubers and IG’ers, artists, creatives, and authors and we want to work with you as well!

We work big! We work small! We work for you.



  • Filming

  • Editing

  • Events/Event Recap

  • Interviews

  • Talking head/Explainers

  • Model videography

  • Promotional and marketing videos

  • Book trailers/Openers/Logo Stings

  • And more!

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Email: jadebrieanne@gmail.com

The team

Jade Brieanne

Jade Brieanne

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Ronnie Wike